Simply 6 Minutes- Uncontrollable Meltdown

Susan’s twist on a twisted picture!

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An optical illusion made of 400 tiles.
Courtesy of Duncan Cook/Casa Ceramica

Uncontrollable Meltdown

Order was essential.

Silvia hated change and was meticulous about maintaining order. The lockdowns had thrown her for a loop!
No schedules… no consistency… and constant unease had affected her both mentally and physically. Nothing appeared ‘normal’. She felt her heart taking extra beats and started dropping everything she touched. Silvia was falling apart.

Now, the political disagreements in Congress had become too much for her to take!

“To Hell with changes! Leave it alone!” she wailed at the TV. Every part of her needed mundane, mindless, ‘normalcy’ to return.

She finally fell asleep in the fetal position waking just in time to make it to her therapist appointment. That was her only constant these days. As she settled into her usual chair in the safety of ‘her’ waiting room the receptionist announced that her doctor…

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4 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes- Uncontrollable Meltdown

    1. hahaha! My old house had a dip in the driveway that just kept getting worse and worse I thought I might bottom out when I drove over it. We sold the house and they had it filled in. I guess the ground under the pavement was washing away. It was a steep hill, I bet it will always continue even if only at a slow pace

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