I’m Still Standing (Simply 6 Minutes)

Jez leaves us with the thought-provoking question of who should receive our utmost attention in life…

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

2022 has been a good, if not a great year for me. I set the bar high as I needed to get back on track. Anyway, different type of sonnet with very little rhyme. A joyous new year to all that read.

And my song says it for 2022, I don’t think Elton will mind me stealing the title

I’m Still Standing
Form: Capped Sonnet

2021 brought the spirals
Bipolar was kicking me down and down
With depression inviting suicide
2022 I fought it back
A year of growing stronger, fighting it
No regrets, the year has been bloody good
My thanks to my friends who stayed for the ride
This is why you mean everything to me
You offered me light in that darkest place
And to those who just couldn’t be bothered
I don’t need you…

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