Recipe Help: calling the UK…

I found a recipe but I don’t know the conversions because it is in weight. I thought someone, not only UK but I figured it would catch enough attention!

I don’t know if I’m right about the flour and butter but the cocoa powder has me stumped!

I tried finding a conversion chart but it won’t let me do it!!!! 🥴😵‍💫

30 thoughts on “Recipe Help: calling the UK…

  1. The conversion would be different for each substance, because different substances have different densities. I know off the top of my head that 1 kg of water is 1 liter in metric volume, a little over four cups in US units. But 1 kg of air takes up a lot more space than 4 cups, and 1 kg of lead takes up a lot less space. (Not that these things are in recipes, but that’s beside the point.) Could that be why you’re having a hard time finding a simple conversion table?

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    1. 1 cup is a specific unit of volume, approximately 240 ml if I remember right. (Also, if you’re who I think you are, we used to follow each other on here, but I never see your posts anymore… interesting… if you blocked me on purpose, I apologize, whatever I said I didn’t mean to be hurtful.)

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      1. Hi Greg! I have never blocked anyone. But WordPress does do some funny things with my Reader. I have seen a few bloggers disappear and then reappear. I don’t know why that happens. I have sometimes asked why in the WordPress forums, but usually I just have to wait patiently and then my posts start reappearing in the Reader. I sometimes wonder if it is because I have a free site – do all these glitches exist for paying WordPressers I wonder?

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      2. I added you back… and that’s possible what you said about having a free site (mine are all free sites too). Good to know I didn’t disappear intentionally… I know I’ve said some things on other sites that unintentionally made people upset recently.

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      3. How intriguing Greg – what have you unintentionally said to upset people? My tips for not upsetting other WordPressers are fairly basic:

        – if bloggers post photos of their children or pets – never tell them they are ugly, even if they are
        – never presume everyone else has the same sense of humour as you do
        – if you disagree with something a blogger has said, avoid disputing with them unless you think they are endangering someone (and if so – do so with tact and grace and humility)
        – always remember that what may seem silly to you may be sacred to someone else
        – remember there are a lot of complicated people out there with many layers, so don’t take everything at face value – read between the lines and use discernment
        – stick within the normal lines of blogging etiquette eg…don’t stalk anyone, don’t flood them with more comments than they can possible enjoy, accept that everyone is different and it is up to them to decide which content interests them

        I don’t know about you, but when I started out blogging, I used to worry about silly thing like stats. Now I have so little free time for blogging, I cannot keep up with everything in my reader, so if bloggers publish frequently, I will just read one of their posts rather than two, three or even ten they may have published. I do sort of favour bloggers who have only a handful of followers and hardly any likes. I like to encourage them.

        I do sometimes wonder if some bloggers on WordPress do anything else but create posts.

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      4. Haha, I know what you mean about wondering if people do anything else… same for people on Youtube and pretty much any video sharing site.

        Those are all good tips. I’ve said a lot of things that make people upset over the years, usually whenever I choose to share a controversial opinion, which is why I often keep those to myself. But the most recent incident I was thinking of didn’t happen on WordPress. Someone shared a link to one of those things where you can send anonymous messages, I said something honest but vulnerable, and my response was shared and widely made fun of, criticized, and trashed by the person I said it to and several of that person’s friends.

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      5. Greg, no I didn’t block you! I wasn’t seeing much of anyone’s posts for quite a while. There are a few that fill my feed and I get tired after going through them all. Yeah, it’s still me. I actually went through at one point and deleted some of the sites that just post the news. I know of two sites that only seem to reblog others peoples posts.

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