Jane and Cathy write a story about love, loss, and living on…a must read!

Writing Wrinkles, and Random Ramblings

This was a collaborative story with another member of our writing group. We used the photo prompt from a November challenge from the Stine Writing blog’s ‘Simply Six Minutes’.

Jane Pogbee (the Whittlesey Wordsmith who illustrates our anthologies) wrote a ‘part one’ giving it the title Angels, and I completed the tale the following month, taking the opportunity to remind (or introduce) readers to the mirlings…


by Jane and Cathy

Angela looked at the gravestone her parents had placed on Annette’s grave. It was a plain cross on top of a fairly plain stone with Annette’s name, date of birth and date of death. It simply said, “Sleeping with the angels”
Angela knew this wasn’t true, she was sleeping with the fishes. Annette had drowned in the Manor House fishpond. It was called a pond but was more a lake.

Today she turned away from the gravestone and…

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