Love Yourself

Diana must know a family with some real big feet!

Writer Ravenclaw

Written from the inspirational

the abominable snowman, that’s what they call me.

I try not to be offended but their words hurt. What made it worse was the bullies putting snow feet in front of the school. When I was little, I used to love my big feet, making footprints in the snow to make the human’s jump. Now, I hide them, under layers and layers of socks.

Still they laugh.

Mum says, I need to still be proud. Look at Dad’s feet – he can take a walk up a mountain and still be home for breakfast. Our dog, Tiny, loves going with him. I need to send a message, it doesn’t matter – I love them just the way they are.

Today, with my mobile in my hand, I took a selfie of those feet, posting it on social media before they could. Within minutes, someone said…

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3 thoughts on “Love Yourself

    1. Thank you. It said I needed to request access so I did. I remember when you weren’t private. I used to send my posts automatically to Facebook but stopped that, too many people in my business. God forbid you write something that someone didn’t know and you were supposed to tell them!

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      1. I know right? I’m glad I’ve gone private and can select the people that I want to view my blog, happy you requested access I’ll go and approve it now xx


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