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A few years ago I had a few books published in what is called “Vanity Press”. If you are unsure of what this is it pretty much means I pay for everything and hope I get some sort of return. Anyhow, I have been offered the opportunity to have a book published by a Hybrid Publisher. From what I understand I am paying money to get it up and running and then the publisher takes care of the rest. The fee for said book is 3300 pounds which is about $4,400 USD. The publisher is obviously working overseas (for me at least!).

Please give me feedback on this type of contract. I haven’t done self-publishing so I don’t know how this compares.

24 thoughts on “Hybrid Publishing

  1. Research the publisher to avoid scams. https://writerbeware.blog/ I believe it’s too expensive. Ask what the return on investment (ROE) will be. Before siogning a contract make sure you read every sentence carefully, don’t give away all of your rights to TV, merchandising etc. I would join SCBWI where you’ll find all the answers. https://www.scbwi.org/
    Personally, I would stay away from vanity and Hybrid presses.

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    1. Thank you for your advice. I used to belong to SCBWI and sort of forgot about it. I also agree with staying away but you know there’s that one part of me that just wants to see it all in print. This is why I look to others for advice. The last time I did this was after I lost my husband and really had no one to talk to about it and I spent a boat load of money! The books were published but they are not being published anymore since they want to renew a contract every year!

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  2. I’m not a fan of people who ask for a load of money and can’t provide at least some statistic on what others authors got back from the initial investment! $4400 is a ton of $$ and if that gets you 100 books you’d have to sell them at $44 to just break even. Sounds pricy and verging on a scam to me… But that’s just my prejudice talking… I’d be wary.


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