Inhumane Treatment

Jim’s creepy tale of an honest mistake

A Unique Title For Me

We were locked inside of a cave without being convicted or sentenced for a crime.  We were accused of trespassing on private property, and we were illegally held without bail and without having a hearing to decide our fate.  It was an agonizing ordeal being accused of crimes and then incarcerated with no end in sight.  The owner of this property had the right to prevent other people from entering his property, but he did not have the right to incarcerate us.  We told him that we meant no harm and that we didn’t intend to trespass and that we just inadvertently ended up on his property.  We asked him to call the Sheriff, but he said that he had a better way to punish us, and he marched us to this cave pointing his shotgun at us the whole time.  He brought us food and water every day and we…

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