A Higher Thing

Tired Hamster wrote a good short story and the measly 116 words worked out well! Lol.

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Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash

The crowd surrounded the two performers. The horse-masked performers had become a popular fixture in this part of town. Aidy watched as their fingers tortured the accordions, prodding them to belch discordant notes. Aidy didn’t get it.

“Yes,” her boyfriend, Noel, nodded knowingly, “I think this is another one of their originals. Yes, a very clever statement on the state of music and society as a whole. Don’t you agree,” he asked Aidy.

She observed the musicians’ horse masks shake wildly as the accordions screeched. “Er…not really?”

“Hm,” Noel turned to the accordionists, his eyes in full concentration.

When the “song” ended, the crowd applauded and began to disperse. “Maybe,” Aidy thought, “art isn’t for me.”

Written for Simply 6 Minutes. A measly 116 words.

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