Strange reflections- 6 minutes story

Sadje’s sad and haunting tale…

Keep it alive

20 Old Mysterious Photographs Discovered on the Internet

This picture shows the image of a young girl standing on the edge of a water source, by herself, but there is a reflection of her and another girl in the water.


Allison started laughing hysterically when she found out that she was the one without a corporeal form.

She hadn’t realized that she was a ghost and it was her sister Jenny who was standing alone on the edge of the water. Butlooking upwards, she suddenly realized that Jenny was standing there all by herself and what she had imagined, the unbreakable bond that had existed between her and her sister was broken the day she had drowned.

Well after this realization, Allison felt very light and liberated. She was free to float away to her heavenly abode while Jenny still had lots of living to do. She wished her sister goodbye and disappeared. But even…

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