Close Even in Death

Jim’s sad story of the kidnapped sister

A Unique Title For Me

Her sister vanished two years ago, it was a kidnapping that went horribly wrong, and the body was never found.  They shared a special connection and Amy was still waiting for her sister Amanda to return to her.  Amy’s parents had given up on ever seeing Amanda returning home, consequently they purchased a plot and a tombstone so they could go to her grave and grieve for their lovely daughter.  Amanda was in Amy’s dreams every night, even though she would never see her again.  Amanda’s parents left the ransom money for the kidnapper, but when he went to collect it, he saw a police car, and since he warned them not to involve the police or the FBI, he took off running.  He called them and told them that it is their fault that he killed their little girl.  That police car happened to be chasing after a flasher…

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