Simply 6 Minutes 20th September

Di’s monologue…baby style


Christine of Stine Writing is our host for this photoprompt. Great picture.
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What yer looking at? Never seen a baby before? You’d better not have eyes on my pal here. I’ll spit in yer eye and he’ll have yer ‘and off.
He’s my guardian see? We’re mates and look out for each other, which is more than I can say for all those stuffing their faces at the buffet table. Free nosh, that’s all they’re here for. Bit of singing, mumble a few phrases and a couple of photos (how I hated being passed round like a parcel), preening of the new parents and grandparents. Sheesh.
If I hear one more person say ‘he’s got your eyes’, or ‘your nose’ or a ‘cheeky smile’, I’ll fill my nappy, smile sweetly and provide my own aromatherapy. That’ll teach ’em to dunk me with water!
Won’t go down well…

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