Simply 6 Minutes – Master of Flamboyance

Raven gives us an Australian Sonnet

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – my thanks to Christine for the prompt.

The flamingo, I believe, is as romantic as the swan in that it has an elaborate ritual to invite a mate, and they pair up for life. That’s Nat Geo for backing that up. Perfect then for a little song of love – the sonnet, the Aussie this time.

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Master of Flamboyance
Form: Australian Sonnet

The day has come at last; he’s waited so long
He’s practiced his moves in the shady glades
Alone he danced to move as if on blades
Learning his rhythm without any song
Every step he’s learned deep in his heart
And now she’s watching with his love to perform
Letting his soul show; taking her by storm
Each graceful movement his own lover’s art
It’s too late now to play it coy…

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