Simply 6 Minutes – Dance Monkey Dance

Raven shares a sonnet

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes– thank you, Christine

Looks like a lemur to me, the Sifikas lemur is known as the dancing lemur. Not that I am any kind of monkey expert, not even sure lemurs are monkeys, to be honest, but that cheeky thing looks like one, but I ain’t David Attenborough so don’t take my word for it

Dance, Monkey, Dance
Form: Arabian Sonnet

In the hazy memories of romance
I swear it happened by a random chance
While we were to walking the South of France
‘Tis on my oath I saw a monkey dance
You said it was the demon wine I drink
And my mind set in too crazy to think
Yet as we sat watching the sunset sink
I swear I saw my dreams in dark eyes twink
But could it be in your love I am lost

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