Squaresville’s Sunflowers

Larry has opened up a new storyline with this one!


131 words

Fred always enjoyed walking through the local sunflower field. There was one problem with it though. There were no other populated towns nearby, and every day, he saw people in the field but never a single familiar face.

‘How could this be possible?’ he would always ask his wife, family, and friends. ‘Squaresville is the only town in this region, and people can’t get here from anywhere else.’

No one else could come up with any answers. Day and night families sat upon their porches and stoops wondering about this mystery. ‘There is always someone there,’ they knew, ‘but never anyone anyone recognizes.’

Folks in Squaresville always keep their eyes and ears peeled for answers. No one will dare to search for any proof though. The risk may be too high.

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