if life was a tapestry

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nope, not pam

This post was written for the following prompts:

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge#181

What do you see # 147, August 15,2022

Three Things Challenge#M55

Three Things Challenge#M56

Three Things Challenge#M57

Twiglet #292

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge:08/16/2022

Fandango’s Story Starter#59

Would I be standing at the shoreline
Taking stock of my life?
Recalling all I had invested
And the resulting strife.
Would I profit from my time
Spent contemplating with this trouble and strife?
Or would I just admire the taxing birds,
And cut the tapestries thread with my sharpened knife.

Perhaps it would be me struggling at sea
The dividends tugged me beneath the waves
All my capital gone, no more salary for me
My hope of annuities would not save
Perhaps I would struggle, it’s a stretch but I might try
For isn’t life for the brave
No, that tapestry I wouldn’t like
I want to…

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