Simply 6 Minutes – Time and Space

Raven’s poem helping to feel not so alone

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

This just takes me to my spiritual home, Avebury. It’s so close to my actual home too. To get there we have to travel through a patchwork of fields, lavender and crops. Is it an ancient temple, well, for many of us Pagans it sure is now. Blessed be. Here goes…

Time and Space
Form: American Sonnet

In ancient wonder I found sacred peace
Fair Selene, called my name, I’m not alone
My back against rock as life stresses cease
In the silence of the mind’s arcane dream
Where ley lines cross amid mystic stone
And the grass dances in her lunar beam
A reminder here I’m not on my own
For time stops, standing still inside this place
And the spirit soars as the heart can gleam
To smile again upon her silver face
Once more…

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