Deb’s take on multiple prompts including Simply 6!

nope, not pam

This tale was written based on the following prompts

Fandango’s Flash Fiction #179

What Do You See #145

Twiglet #290

Fandango’s Story Starter #57

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 08/02/2022

Three Things Challenge #M40

Three Things Challenge #M41

Three Things Challenge #M42

Three Things Challenge #M43

In the three days since Richard had received the subpoena to testify at the trial, he had been frantically trying to formulate a defence.  It didn’t need to be perfect, off key was fine.  It just had to sound right, the rhythm, the style, the timing.  Not too flat, not too sharp, not an octave too high, not a major, nor a minor.

If he was going to have any influence on this trial, he had to get his melody in tune, his harmony down pat and his song must be sung in perfect pitch.


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