From my desk: 06/20/2022

I wanted to wish my late husband, Bob, a Happy Heavenly Birthday from myself and Lindsay…I wish she still had her dad, he loved her more than anything!

Happy Heavenly 59th Birthday!

11 thoughts on “From my desk: 06/20/2022

    1. Well, thank you! Although I am confused about the afterlife, heaven, spirits, all the beliefs, I do like to think that people I loved do listen when I talk to them. There are so many things to believe and honestly, catch me on a good day and I’m a firm believer but catch me on a bad day, well, I’m a bit more pessimistic!

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      1. Agree with you on religion or beliefs. Through my own trials, I was severely tested and I tend to believe what I feel like believing at that point in time. I understand what you are saying.

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