Simply 6 minutes 24th May


Christine at Stine Writing and Miniatures is our host for this photoprompt challenge. You can join in here
How old are you?
I don’t know.
How old am I?
I don’t know that either.
You don’t know much do you?
Actually I know a lot.
How so?
I’ve seen things.
What things?
Beautiful things, horrible things.
Is that why we’re here?
In a way.
What are we supposed to do?
Gather and learn.
Gather and learn what?
The way of Life.
What kind of life?
All kinds.
How do we record what we’ve learned?
We have a network.
What’s a network?
It’s a system where knowledge is passed from one entity to another.
How does it work?
We elders absorb data from our roots, transmit it up our bodies, and spread ourselves skywards.
Am I part of it?
You’re learning and will be.
So how long have we…

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