Simply 6 Minutes: The Hamburglar!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

I saw this picture and all I could think of was the old McDonalds commercials and the way the animated hamburgers looked…

I used to work in Oak Brook, Illinois, not far from the international headquarters of McDonalds, the location of Hamburger U. It was across the street from Oakbrook Centre, a very big outdoor shopping mall. In the corner of the parking lot of the mall, there was a McDonalds where they test-marketed all of the new products they were considering unleashing on the general populace. I think you could get anything but a hamburger there.

You know what I think would have been a great thing for them to sell? Liver McNuggets…

By the way, the person providing the voice for the Hamburglar is none other than Howard Morris, best known by people of my generation as Ernest T. Bass from The Andy Griffith Show.

Christine runs…

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2 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: The Hamburglar!

  1. In our till-date lifetime,
    there was a stretch of carefree days.
    when something
    as simple as paper art
    could make us happy.
    Unbothered by blueprints for future,
    unvisited by regrets of past,
    we lived in the moments made alive by
    paper dolls, paper boats, paper hats
    and what not.
    The glossy red, blue, green papers
    folded, unfolded and folded again.
    Additionally there was a candy floss treat.
    But primarily it was
    the joy of creating,
    the joy,
    of giving a recognisable shape
    to that creased paper…
    Making efforts,
    following steps
    not questioning the process.
    but simply going by the flow,
    And willingness to accept the flaws
    and revisit the method.
    Starting over again…

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