The Elephants And Butterflies

How do we know if what we see if real or just a figment of our imagination?


114 words

‘Aw, man,’ Ardmore told Beechwood.

‘I knew I should never have watched that old science fiction movie right after listening to all me old ’60’s albums. That dream I had last night was the bomb.’

‘O.K.,’ Beechwood said. ‘Let’s hear it.’

Ardmore went on to explain.

‘I was in a harsh Oriental jungle, surrounded by killer butterflies and elephants.’

‘Just when I thought I had found a welcome respite from it all, they ate some (ahem, shall we say?) tainted marshmallows and transformed into a hybrid creature, more virulent, more destructive than anyone could even so much as begin to imagine.’

‘Wow!’ Beechwood said obligingly. ‘I told you not to go too crazy, man.’

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