Immersive Art

Being patient and understanding can be confusing but if they don’t notice your wrinkles anymore…

A Unique Title For Me

I got paid in peanuts to become this innovative and exploratory in nature form of art, but I happen to like peanuts.  The artist has this thing for butterflies, and he said that it will probably wash off in a week, so I said what the hell and went along with it.  I am getting kind of old now and my skin is all wrinkled, but with these colorful ears, nobody is looking at my wrinkles anymore.  I am thinking that if I flap my ears fast enough that I might be able to fly.  My body is relatively aerodynamic for that of a land animal, but if I did start flying around, they would probably put me in a circus.  I weigh a heck of a lot more than any bird, and although my body has adapted to my weight, my ears would have to be a whole lot…

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