From my desk: 02/25/2022

Good morning!

Our world right now is being shaken up and I had an idea that another blogger added to, which would be a humanitarian attempt for those suffering.

Yesterday I read so many poems, especially those on d’Verse Poets Pub ( that were focused on the turmoil in Ukraine. I mentioned that all of these poems should be put into an anthology and the other blogger, Eli Britain ( had the idea that they should be put into an anthology and sold so that proceeds could go to those who have now lost everything in this ugly war. Does anyone know how this could be accomplished or have a way of helping? I thought that was a great idea.

I’m sure in the days to come there will be more about this horrible ordeal Ukraine is going through and to help them would be a wonderful feat.

8 thoughts on “From my desk: 02/25/2022

  1. A go fund me account could help with the money side, while that’s building you talk to printers to get the ballpark figure. When you’ve got them printed, reach out to friendly media or celebrities to get the word out. Sell,sell,sell!

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      1. Yeah. Fair enough. I thought afterwards that these days maybe publishing electronically is the way to go anyway. Amazon. But it will still cost money, you still need to get the word out there – and someone has to do it😁

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  2. It’s a nice idea but I’m not sure it would work. It would take a long time to get the poems together, edited, a book formatted, a cover produced. Once it was ready, who knows what will have happened. Maybe Moldavia and Georgia will also have been invaded, maybe Poland and Romania will be on a war footing, the Baltic States, Finland. And, I’m afraid, nobody buys poetry anyway, so the financial help it would generate would be miniscule.

    How about something immediate? Words at least would show solidarity. Start a Twitter thread where everybody all over the world can contribute a poem. It would be visible to millions, whereas a book of poems would be read only by the handful of people who bought a copy.

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    1. So more of a movement 🤔… think would be better with “the voices of war” too more of those in the situation which is happening and global response… which alone could take time as well as I think would need to be a charity format and pushed through the EU and publicised on major channels in book form or even if digital format on an online publisher. And yes that worries us all I think (where will Russia stop with this?) An attack on Poland or one of the EU would mean article 5 pulled and all out war globally.

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      1. Getting anything noticed in the thousands of books published every day is almost impossible unless you advertise. Amazon set price limits too. You can’t just give it away.
        The situation is changing almost by the hour. I’m waiting for the Chinese to step in and say they’ve had enough. They own big chunks of the Ukraine and they’re not going to like the Russians squatting on it or cutting off their grain supplies.

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