Simply 6 Minutes: Zebra Dogs!

A pitbull vs a lion? Could get ugly

The Sound of One Hand Typing

A pit bull with zebra’s stripes! Maybe the zebras are tired of losing members to the lions and decided to prepare a little surprise for the this year…

Makes you wonder, how would a fight between a lion and a pit bull work out? A lion is much bigger and has huge paws with sharp claws and a big mouth full of sharp teeth, so no doubt the lion would win, but considering he jaw strength of a pit bull, I’ll bet the lion would sustain plenty of injuries.

For some reason, the picture made me think of gum…

I remember this coming out and wanting to try it really badly. The problem with Fruit Stripe gum, as with all Beech-Nut gums, is that it tends to lose its flavor really quickly, so you start out chewing Fruit Stripe gum, and within about ten minutes you’d have this rubbery, flavorless…

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