Jim gives us some food for thought about cross breeding!

A Unique Title For Me

After successfully crossbreeding a male zebra with a female horse and creating a zorse, zebrose, zebrula, or a zebrule, Doctor Chester Bunting decided he would try crossbreeding a female zebra with a male horse and he was successful in creating a hebra, horsebra, zebret, zebrinny, or zebra hinny, whatever you want to call it.   Then he moved on to the zony, crossbreeding a zebra with a pony.  His next logical step was working with a zebra and a donkey to create the zenkey, zonkey, zebrass, or as some folks like to call it a zedonk.  Doctor Chester Bunting loved zebras, but he thought that maybe he could crossbreed them outside the equine family and he wondered what would happen if he tried to use a dog.  Doctor Bunting figured that he could make the perfect designer dog breed, if he were able to find animals that shared enough genetic materials.


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