I’m looking for some sort of publishing option that isn’t going to cost me a ton of money.
I have a children’s poem anthology. I have been told publishers don’t want poetry for children. I think this is not right.

Please let me know if you have advice or ideas.

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  1. I recently submitted my story to Humpty Dumpty,
    They do accept poetry as well, this is what I copied from their instructions while preparing my story. has other publications for older children as well.

    Humpty Dumpty (ages 2-6)
    FICTION: Short stories 450 words or less. Payment: $30 and up.
    BUILD-A-BOOK: We are accepting short mini-stories of 70-125 words. These should be positive and light-hearted; often humorous. Characters can be children or animals. We welcome material that deals with kindness, love, good manners, friendship, holidays, and seasons.
    POETRY: We accept poems 4-12 line poems. Please remember the age of your audience. Payment: $25 and up.
    CRAFTS: We accept fun crafts of 250 words or less that young children can make with a bit of adult help. Crafts can celebrate holidays or seasons. Materials should be inexpensive and easy to obtain. Include easy-to-understand steps and directions and, if possible, include a photo of the finished craft. Payment: $40 and up.

    Humpty Dumpty:

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    1. For whatever reason, everyone I have spoken to said that poetry is of no interest to children anymore. What!?!?!? I loved Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. I write Cat in the Hat Fan Fiction all the time. I just have to keep searching.

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