What country do you live in?

I live in the US. When I look at the stats and other things about my blog I see some people are from countries like Israel and Romania, the UK and Switzerland. If you feel comfortable would you mind sharing what country you live in? This is just pure curiosity. There are a few followers that I know where they are from but maybe you are from a country that someone else has some connection with. Isn’t that worth the share? I don’t know..safety, how people feel about sharing, and other reasons might make this question completely nil.

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42 thoughts on “What country do you live in?

      1. I’ve spent most of my life now in Australia. Came out in late 1968, returned to Ireland in late 70s and back to Oz 1981. Forever. But I think of myself as Irish, the northern hemisphere climate suits me best, I struggle with the heat and harshness of Australian landscape. Although, I’ve softened toward some of it in recent years. More appreciate for native trees/bushes. I’ve been back to Ireland many times, last was three months in 2019 (good timing)! 🙂

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    1. David’s family is originally from Oregon. I have only been out to Nebraska once for two days…that’s as far west as I have ever been. I heard it is beautiful out there! Definitely a place I want to go and if we do travel I know David wants to go back to Oregon.

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      1. That is very kind. We currently live around 30 minutes inland but I’ve lived a few places. Scotland is beautiful, especially if you love a castle, but you must prepare for the weather. Yorkshire is also an impressive place with bustling market towns and wide open dales. I live in Durham-Tees Valley at the moment but mostly work in Newcastle so get to see a fair amount of the North East which is lovely. KL ❤

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