From my desk: 01/02/2022

My wallet is gone….

It either fell from my purse or someone snatched it. I spent hours cancelling cards and contacting banks.

I don’t necessarily care about the money but I wish I could just get it back for my license and anything else I want. I wouldn’t mind the money being returned since my daughter just paid me back for some of her bills. Who knows? Maybe someday it will show up in my mailbox.

If this is a precursor to 2022 I am really not looking at the future as a positive endeavor. I know I don’t have it bad but I still wonder why my luck is like this…

Anyhow, the good thing is I will have all new numbers and can reset all my passwords, etc.

Tomorrow is the first “work day” of the new year. Can’t wait to get back on track with WordPress! Woo Hoo!

25 thoughts on “From my desk: 01/02/2022

      1. Well, Lindsay gave it to me last week but for all I know someone saw me take some out when I was shopping the last time. People are watching everywhere and I do forget sometimes. I don’t ever take money out and count it but you don’t know how much anyone is really watching.

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  1. This holiday season has seen a big uptick in thefts. Seems around town here the MO is that the thieves will target women who put their purses over the back of their chairs in restaurants. They sit down, order drinks and say that they need more time to look over the menu. By the time the waitstaff has returned with drinks, they are gone along with the wallets in any purses within reach! That’s why I insist on a booth and keep my purse next to me! I hope you can recover your important papers – the money will probably be long gone… Still there is the glimmer of hope that it will turn up – perhaps in the car???

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    1. I checked at Walmart, the last place I was and no one returned it. I am hoping maybe someone will put it in the mail or something. Unfortunately, it has my old address in CT on my license. I suppose anyone can find anyone else regardless.


  2. Sorry to hear about your wallet. Sometimes you can find it in the strangest places in your car. Mine has been missing for 4 years now—I filed a police report, but apparently, it wasn’t stolen. And that’s my prayer for you. When God places your feet on the ‘Path of Purpose’, you cannot take one incident in your life and determine the outcome in its totality. And always remember—no matter what He is faithful. Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! Blessings and Peace!

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