Kiss of Death

A happy ending!


Her paws hit the damp ground with rabid ferocity. She panted with every jump she took. Her eyes straight forward towards her drey. She was out to fetch food for her husband when she saw dark smoke rising above the centre of the jungle. Then the smoke was lept by flames which whirled with a gust of wind.

The smoke thickened as she darted towards her house. The moisture in the air evaporated slowly. Her nostrils flared and her lungs did a haphazard attempt to bring back the inner balance.

Just 100 more meters. He will be all right, Her house in the truck was safe, she thought. safer than any other house. And though her husband couldn’t walk due to a recent injury, he should be able to come out of the trunk in case the fire broke out. 50 more meters. The jungle was thick and she couldn’t…

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