Simply 6 Minutes: Where’s Da Kitty?

Great contribution to remind us how silly animals can be!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Every cat that lived with us over the years liked to hide. Some were hiding from some of our more rambunctious felines, others were just looking for a place where it was dark and cozy so they could sleep. Still others had the attitude “If I fits, I sits.”

We had a cat that would climb under the blanket on the bed and spend the whole day there, only coming out to eat. He was nothing but a lump under the covers most of the day.

Any time a box came into the house, all of them fought over who would get to sit in it. Funny thing: the smaller the box, the bigger the cat that would try to get in it. We had a few that never grew that big, almost like permakittens, and they would be the ones to hide in a TV box, while the 20…

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