Optical Illusion

A nightmarish feeling of being lost and alone. Thank you for your contribution to Simply 6!


Those hallways, those pathways,

They all looked the same,

Climbing up the stairs,

I knew not where I was at!

So many doors, with locks,

They all looked the same, I swear!

There was a key under a pot,

I knew not of which door or lock!

And I started over again,

Ran down the stairs,

Knocked the doors, and the windows,

They all looked the same, they all looked the same.

There, there, It was just a dream,

Hush now and go to sleep,

Mommy is here, please don’t scream,

You do know where you are at!

In response to Stine Writing’s 6 min writing challenge 07/27/2021

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