Send me good vibes

Today, July 16th, is the anniversary of the worst day of my life. Two years Three years ago my son was killed in a motorcycle accident. The pain has not lessened.

37 thoughts on “Send me good vibes

  1. He was sooooo beautiful like you and your daughter. Your heart must break every day and today my heart breaks open for you. I wish there were words that could help heal your pain. He lives in your heart forever.💖

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  2. As one vilomah (bereaved parent) to another, I understand in part. The anniversary date of our son’s five year passing is this month as well. One cannot entirely step into the effects of the grief of another. While your son’s passing was sudden, ours was a seven year roller coaster ride from the time of his pancreatic cancer diagnosis to his leaving of the body. What can I say? I am so sorry. Please take care of yourself. Honor his memory, which I know you do. Breathe deep. Do it again. Remember he truly is still with you, be aware of signs. (If you haven’t read my post,, there may be some tips to help you along your journey.) Peace and hugs to you, dear Mother!


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