Simply 6 Minutes: Aye-Aye!

Thank you John for your contribution and great idea to have an Aye-Aye Name contest!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

This little fellow is an aye-aye, which is a lemur, which means it’s a primate, which means it’s a distant relative of ours. Some of my closer relatives look like him, though I won’t say who. My guess is that they know who they are.

According to Wikipedia, which as everyone knows is The Blogger’s Best Friend™, these have a very long and thin middle finger, which is apparently for getting grubs out of trees. They bite a hole into the tree, then dig the grubs out with their middle finger. About all I ever did with my middle finger is give it to people, mostly my brothers.

Which reminds me: Giving the finger seems to be one of those things people do a lot of on Instagram. It doesn’t bother me per se, but I do find it a little odd.

Aye-ayes live in the trees mostly…

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