You and Me Against the World

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A Unique Title For Me

Jake said, “I am so glad that I found you as I wasn’t sure that I would see you again.  You were right behind me and then I looked back and didn’t see you anymore.”  Judy replied, “Yea I had to take care of some business and I knew that I could catch up with you.  I wanted to leave a signal just in case any others of our species are looking for us, so I dropped some of my scent back there.  I figured rather than pooping randomly, we could drop our aroma at strategic locations.”  Jake said, “That was very social of you Judy, but I think we are on our own on this alien planet.  We have to be careful here, as you never know how much information will be revealed about us from a good sniff of our poop or urine.  I know that I have…

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