Here is Your Hug

Jim’s so sweet cat monologue will have you saying, Awwww! Thanks for the contribution!

A Unique Title For Me

Many times, words are insufficient and you just have to hug it out.  I love this shared experience, where we are both giving and receiving affection.  It took me some time to learn dog language, as it is different from my feline dialect and this is the first dog that I ever got friendly with.  Everyone gives off certain signs when they’re having a bad day and with this guy being man’s best friend and the person not being around, I have to step up and give him some of the attention that he is craving.  Our owner went on a trip again and the walker will come to take this fellow out, but I have been here a lot longer than this newbie and basically, I don’t crave attention.  I will let the human pet me from time to time, but I prefer my own smell, and I am…

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