Camera Advice!

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I would like to buy a “point and shoot” type of camera that is EASY to use but that can ZOOM like a champ. Does that exist? I am looking for something to take real close-ups of the birds and the bees (no, not porn! Lol) and don’t have the time nor patience to read a long manual about how to work a new, fancy camera.

Maybe I’m being unrealistic…please tell me it aint so!

Thanks ahead of time for any and all advice!

19 thoughts on “Camera Advice!

  1. The point and shoot have very limited zoom features and the ones I’ve had are very difficult to use for close ups as they auto focus on everything but what I want… You are better off getting a decent DSLR. You won’t be happy with a point and shoot. Heck, my phone does a better job than a point and shoot camera.

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    1. I have a DSLR at home. A Sony that is quite old. I don’t know how to use the thing. I wonder if they are easier to use now? I mean so much technology. I just feel like I miss out on so much because I don’t have a good camera that can zoom in well.


  2. I have one of the first digital Kodak cameras, circa 1994 I think, and it is wonderful. It zooms enough that when I take photos from my window I can see things from a couple of miles away as if they are just outside. My only problem at this time is that I can’t always keep my hands from shaking, but then I’m 78 years old and shaky hands go with the numbers there. The camera won’t record until it has a steady picture, so not very many that I have to erase. I also have a newer Kodak, about a year old and a quarter the size of the first one that also zooms but not like the first one. Not sure if everyone would have the same luck with a camera, but both are easy to use. Just turn it on and aim.

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      1. I have been looking for mine and sure hope I find it soon. Of course, as soon as I use it I’ll knock the camera over. Trip over the tripod, even if it is setting on a table, knock myself out and forget why I was using it in the first place!

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      2. Even when paying attention I trip over my own feet. And they are always in the way if I drop something, especially cans of food that have broken every toe I have and are now starting over. Straightened them all out for me for the first time in years, so it wasn’t so bad once I could hobble again.

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  3. Photography is a passion and I have to have a point and shoot with amazing zoom with me at all times. The Canon SX740HS lives in my purse and I use it all the time. It’s got a 40x optical zoom that has digital zoom in addition. Tops out at 160X zoom, but it gets too pixelated and grainy at more than 80X zoom. I LOVE this camera. The only thing it can’t do is shoot RAW, but none of the superzooms can.

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      1. Don’t worry about RAW. It’s a type of file that has an absolute ton of data. (Sort of like how a film negative has all the data of a photo). They’re huge. Regular pictures are jpeg files (.jpg) which are compressed files. It means you lose some of the data when you take a photo. Photographers shoot RAW so the can make enlargements like 16×20” and bigger and still have crisp details in a photo. Plus they can edit more effectively. A RAW photo actually has no set file type – each picture is processed through an editor and is then saved as either a .jpg, a .tiff, or whatever file type.

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  4. I have a Canon Rebel DSLR and love it. I did have to buy a zoom lens for it and mostly I leave it on manual but taking pics of birds can be tricky – turning it to the sports option helps a lot. I am far from a professional, but I’ve gotten a fair number of professional-looking shots with it. It’s fairly easy to use.

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