FTWT – A Friend for Henry

A really interesting contribution to Simply 6! Thanks tiredhamster!

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“Now Henry, are you sure you’re ready for a pet? It’s a pretty big responsibility.”

“Dad, I’m 7. It’s time for me to understand the meaning of responsibility.”

“Oh, okay.” Henry’s dad wasn’t ready for such a sophisticated response. “Well, good thing we’re already here,” he said as the two of them entered Mr. Perry’s Discount Animal Store. The father and his son walked along the wide diversity of animals. From dogs to cats. However, none impressed Henry. He was too cool for a “basic” animal. However, something caught his eye. He ran over to it.

“Dad! Look!” Henry pointed at the chameleon who was clutching a tree branch, its body as green as its surrounding. “I love its eyes! It looks like he’s drunk! Just like grandpa!”

“Hm. How much for it?”

Henry checked the price. “$12! But today is on sale so it’s 75% off!”

“Hm. Hmmmm.”…

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