Simply 6 Minutes: Judge Not…

A very thoughtful contribution to Simply 6! Definitely thought provoking. Thank you for participating.

The Sound of One Hand Typing

When I see a statement such as the one above, I wonder who decides what I “deserve.” I mean, I can have an opinion about it, and others can have their opinions, but those are just that, opinions.

It’s kind of like on the old TV show Maude, when Maude would turn to her husband and say “God’ll get you for that, Walter.” Will God make something terrible happen to Walter because his wife said it will? As St. Paul says on two separate occasions (1 Cor. 2:16, Rom. 11:34), “who has known the Mind of God?” Maybe God is getting Maude for something she said, through what Walter has said or done.

A priest friend of mine had an expression, “God didn’t go on vacation and leave you in charge.” Or, as we said in the old neighborhood, “who died and made you the boss?” (Another thing we…

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