Simply 6 Minutes: Missing People

Another great contribution to Simply 6! Thanks John for participating!.

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Think of your best friend from grammar school, and ask yourself, “if I was in a jam, could I get on the phone and call that person to help?”

My guess is that better than half of you wouldn’t be able to. You might not even remember who your best friend in grammar school was, let alone how to get in touch with them. You might find some of your old classmates on Facebook, but if you remember them, will they remember you?

My mother was different. She met her best friend when she was ten, and they remained friends until Mom died. She showed me a picture from her 40th high school reunion and could recite the names of all the women. But they were acquaintances, except for her best friend. Still, she remembered everyone in that picture.

Mary (my wife) talks about seasons in friendships. You’re together…

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