Simply 6 Minutes Reblog

Thank you Lisa for participating in the challenge. I loved your contribution.

November in Norway 

“November always seems to me the Norway of the year,” she stated without context.  “Emily Dickinson said that.”

What, I asked?  What are you talking about? 

“November.  Emily Dickinson, you know, the poet?  She said that November was like Norway.” 

Are you sure? That sounds like a pretty stupid thing to say.  Why did she say that?

“Well I don’t know, do I?  I just heard someone say that the other day, on a podcast.  It sounded lovely.  Very poetic.  Of course, she was a poet, so I suppose anything she said would be.  Poetic I mean.”

But, what does November have to do with Norway, other than both words start with N?  Maybe they are both cold.  But, that’s still a stretch.  November could be like Nepal, it’s cold there too. 

“Maybe she meant because the leaves fall off the trees, and there’s lots of work raking them up, like in Norway.”


You know, in Norway.  They rake their forests, it’s why they don’t have fires.”

That’s Finland, it isn’t true.

“It’s not…  Oh, well, anyway, I think November is just like Norway.  That sounds very poetic, don’t you think?”

She turned from me with a sigh to gaze out at the frosty yard.  

 ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

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