Flash Back Friday: 11/06/2020 – Tale Weaver #248 – At the Bottom of the Garden – 7th November

To participate go to Fandango’s site: https://fivedotoh.com/2020/11/06/fandangos-flashback-friday-november-6/

I didn’t have anything from November 6th so here is my November 7th flashback post.

Stine Writing

For some reason I can’t even get the picture loaded from a screen shot. I will continue to try. If I don’t the picture is almost of an angel type fairy with lights glowing closer to the ground around her. It is almost eerie, as if she is floating above a misty graveyard. Well, that is my take! Lol!


Ian’s Wife

Once upon a time in a landfaraway

There lived a lady fairy, in wind her dress did sway.

She had a lovely garden where all seemed new and bright

The only thing that happened were souls came out at night.

She stayed to tend her roses and her blossoms bright and pink

She talked to them to make them grow, ignoring makes them shrink.

At the bottom of the garden a little tree did grow

From where her husband lay in death, only she did know.

He was…

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