Simply Six Minutes:9/9/2020

Great contribution to Simply 6 Minutes! Thanks Jen!


Simply 6 Minutes:9/9/2020 by Stine Writing

The Ice Cream Shop

Today I woke up to a day was hot enough to make the devil sigh(From a Country song I can’t remember the name of). I decided it was a great day to visit the local ice cream shop. So, I gathere the kids into the car and away we drove.

As we pulled into the parking lot my heart sank. Why did I not realize I would not be the only one with this idea. It looks like everyone and their brother thought about the same thing.

The long line wouldn’t be a big deal except for the kids’. Do you know how difficult it is going to be to keep the kids entertained while we wait our turn. Not that that isn’t bad enough, but we are talking about sweat drenched kids that increases the challenge tenfold.


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