Great poem using one word! Now the heat is on for me to do a good one too!

I Write Her

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tastings leave me feeling shiny and new
selecting the best, we all win
the atmosphere delightful, taking it all in
friendships cemented over wine, so happy are we

I was inspired to write this after Christine – Stine Writing posted about this interesting form. It’s called an “In One Word Poem” and it is an absolute delight to be challenged to create in this way! My husband supplied the first word and I hope you enjoy what it prompted me to write. 🙂

The rules are:

  • choose a word
  • list words that you find within that word
  • choose words from that list
  • write a poem in which each line ends with one of those words

Have fun if you decide to participate! I hope you do and and look forward to reading what you come up with!

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7 thoughts on “Wine

      1. Well, this is technically my “job” right now. I do other things but this is both my work and my outlet! Some days words just come to me and other days it is a huge struggle but once I get started I have a hard time stopping. I remember when I first started my blog someone told me to limit my time to a certain time slot, or slots, just like you would have hours at a job. Sometimes I think that would be helpful but other times I feel like it would just put me in panic-mode and my brain would go blank!

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