All About the Hairs: A Simply 6 Minutes Contribution!

This is a great contribution to Simply 6 Minutes! I learned something new about these little creatures!

Not sure why when I hit reblog nothing actually comes onto my blog.

A Unique Title For Me

Most lizards have four finger pads on their front legs and five toe pads on their back legs, which are covered with rows of hairs that produce electrical attractions which can literally glue the animals down to whatever they want to stick to.  They have the ability to walk up walls and cling to ceilings and when they want to break the molecular attraction, they curl their toes to set themselves free, which is sort of like moving a sticky note from one place to another.  These attractive forces are weak, but when you accumulate millions of hairs, some of these lizards can hang on during hurricane force winds.

Where I live in central Florida, there are lots of lizards and a group of lizards is called a “Lounge” of lizards, which makes sense, because they always look like they are lounging around.  A while ago, I pulled out of my driveway and…

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