From My Desk: 06/09/2020

I typically have a daily online presence, so perhaps some may wonder where I am…

My internet and wifi address out so I cannot get use of my computer. It is quite difficult to post or read on my phone since I rarely ever do. I will try intermittently but it gets hard to read after a while. I will be going back and trying to catch up as much as possible but I may miss some of your writings. I didn’t want anyone to think I was being negligent.

I’ve been working on my miniature which is actually quite complex. I will post pictures when I’m done, which may be sooner than later without internet! LOL!

I’ve also been putting together some journals and drawing mandalas for the covers. I put a few on Etsy. Some of the international shipping is crazy so if you or anyone sees something they like I’m sure I can get a lower shipment rate if I send it through my post office. So, let me know if you are ever interested in anything. Oh, and don’t tell Etsy I said that!

Peace to you all and I will be back when I get internet.

My workstation! Under construction, literally!

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