Dragonfly Tattoo

I haven’t gotten a tattoo since last year. Most shops will be open again. Here is one of my first….

27 thoughts on “Dragonfly Tattoo

  1. That dragonfly looks so real. As if it could just lift off and fly away. The artist did a great job. My daughter has about 5 tattoos and my son has one. I can’t even think about the pain. I doubt I will ever have one.

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    1. Depends on where you get it. Some people say the ones close to the bone hurt more. I say the ones that are one the fleshy/meaty parts hurt more. You could always get a tiny one to see if you can tolerate it. I can tolerate it for some time and then I start losing it. That’s usually around 4 hours in or so. The quick ones don’t bother me at all.

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      1. I have a problem with infection besides pain. My daughter, who has around 5, had at least one get infected. She is a lot like me. She couldn’t get her ears pierced either, due to infection. She finally had to let them close.


      2. My daughter was determined to be tatooed and she continued on. I get infected from minor cuts. I would never attempt it even if I wasn’t afraid of the needle part of it.

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  2. Hey!!!! I love tattoos. I can’t stand the pain though. So I just got my son who has a gun to give me a pearl bracelet on my wrist. Haha that hurt bad enough. 🙃. Me my husband and all five of our kids and two daughters in law, all have tattoos of some sort or other. It’s wonderful really.

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      1. Oohhhh. I’d be sick by then just the trying of my patience of it all. Wow. I say good for you. You really have a determination that’s important everywhere!! You are real courageous. 👍. I’d love to see that one 😳😀

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