A little help please…

So I was given the idea of making “how to” videos of the miniatures. I think it is a great idea because before I knew what I was doing I would have loved to watch one. Anyhow, I videoed on my phone the unwrapping and explained directions, tools, etc.

When I am done I will probably have, let’s say, ten videos. How do I put them on youtube? Do they all go on separately? Do I somehow combine them before putting them on youtube? Can anyone put anything on youtube?

I don’t want to keep filming the construction if I then have nowhere to put the videos. Any help would be wonderful!!!!

Thank you ahead of time!

10 thoughts on “A little help please…

      1. Thank you so much Anisha! I actually just bought a refurbished GoPro. I thought about one of the knock-offs but every review said just go with Go Pro. I don’t have $300 for a new one so refurbished is fine!


  1. I have put a couple of videos onto YouTube.
    You need to start with a Google account. This will log you in to YouTube.
    Once I am logged in to YouTube, I see an icon https://mrbumpblog.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/youtubeaddvideo.jpg in the top right corner(ish) of the page. From there, it is a step-by-step process.
    I think you add each video – certainly, whenever I loaded them, I did so one by one.
    I’m not sure what video formats are supported – although I can upload no problem from my phone so presumably, it is a common format.
    Lastly, when you upload a new video, you supply metadata, like whether it is public or private and so on. So I suggest that you create a dummy video as private, and just have a play with the YouTube interface. Nothing is visible to the outside world until you say so. I must admit I find YouTube quite clumsy but I have not used it much so it does not come naturally to me (yet). It has various tools which allow you to add effects etc. I think although I have never used them. But you can play about without it being visible to anybody.

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    1. Thank you! I just bought a refurbished GoPro to use. I was thinking about a cheaper brand but they all said just pay for GoPro. The refurbished ones weren’t as expensive. I think this will make it easier to video the process.

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      1. Such a big brand, I’m sure they will be instantly compatible. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a button in your GoPro software to upload it straight to YouTube. GoPros were all the rage when I used to cycle.

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  2. Uploading a video to YouTube is simpler than it appears. I, too, had qualms when I first did it myself… but, think back to when you started posting on WordPress. Didn’t that seem daunting too?

    If I were you I’d keep your videos separate, don’t try to combine them. And you can trim the ‘tops and tails’ of them really easily using VLC media player.

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