Missing you

I thought this was fitting. Although it may not be about death, it could be about losing someone you love, there are so many types of loss.

Rambles of a Poethead

There are certain days where I Really can’t find my will to live so I stay in bed,

Then there are days like today where I force myself to stay asleep for hours on end

Because You were in my dreams again.

I miss you, or at least the person I used to know,

We were inseparable,

We were thick as thieves,

We once were,

Now we Are nothing.

I still see you in my dreams,

It comes and goes,

Months will fly by before I see your baby blue eyes.

I miss your crooked smile,

I miss your energetic hellos

That followed with a fully embraced hug every time.

I miss your colognes Natural scent,

I miss your hearty laugh,

I miss holding your hand for confidence;

I just miss you so much my friend.

I hope tonight I will get to visit you in…

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6 thoughts on “Missing you

      1. Indeed!
        I think I cried a mountain of tears today!
        Some days I am fine and then today, it’s like my sister died on this very day and I am beyond myself with grief!

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      2. I cried today, really cried. Two years ago, this day before Mother’s Day was the day my late husband went to the ER for heart palpitations and left with a Rx of Doxycycline. The following day, on Mother’s Day he took me to buy all of my spring plants, even though he felt like crap. Two weeks later he was admitted to the hospital as his liver was failing then three weeks after that he passed away. Then on top of it tomorrow is Mother’s day and my son is gone. Ugh! I hate to focus on the sadness and grief but there are just some days that it is nearly impossible to avoid. The next ten weeks or so are going to be tough for me. I will hope for some peace for you too.

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      3. Oh, how tragic the way you lost your husband.
        To lose two family members in such close proximity is heartbreaking.
        I too wish for some peace for you, and thank you!

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