From my desk: 03/03/2020

So it has been a very busy day. I finished painting the new den yesterday so I am starting to move my things in. I plan on that room, which used to be a dining room, to be my art studio, my writing studio, my area for making miniatures, and possibly even a music area since I have been wanting to learn guitar for quite a while now.

I went to IKEA this weekend and got some really great ideas and a very nice tall, glass cabinet for displaying my miniatures. David didn’t think it would fit in my car but I assured him it would (I had my fingers double crossed!) Anyhow, it fit but poor David had to sit all scrunched up because the seats were now in a position his legs didn’t fit. He took one for the team though and we got the cabinet home. Now one of us will have to put it together. That’s IKEA for you. But this case has a steel frame with a shelf all the way at the bottom that has flowers made out of wire. Hmmm, maybe I will see if I can find it and post a picture.

Besides that I am now looking for curtains. If I put my house back on the market I don’t want to go hanging things all over the freshly painted walls so I might just look for some super vibrant curtains to spice up the room without having to hang anything. Oh, and at IKEA they had those wooden bodies, that artists use to show proportion, and a wooden hand. I got both! I have been practicing drawing and hands are turning out to be my favorite.

I will be heading to dinner with a teacher from my last job. I love to hear how all of the kids are doing. I miss being with them but also find myself under a lot of stress due to my losses. I will try to attack some of the challenges when I get home. I write now, just in case I get home later than expected and don’t feel up to it.

I am looking for ideas for non-fiction books or articles that young adults, maybe 7-12, might be interested in. I would love some input.

Here is a picture of that glass case…

Peace to you all and perhaps more from me later, if not tomorrow. Thanks for following me!

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