What do you see? # 17 Camp Muk-a-luk-a-lee

Camps like this do exist…All children should be happy!

Tao Talk

Image Credit; Lisa Fotios- Pixabay

When Jeremy was born, not only the nurses but the doctor remarked in the chart that he was suspected of having a condition called, hirsutism, which is a medical term for very hairy. At birth his “fur” was a fine blond fluff, but by the time he was a year old, Jeremy looked more like a bear cub than a human infant.

None of the other mothers in the neighborhood wanted their babies to have playtime with Jeremy, as they thought he looked, in their term, “wild.” But Jeremy was anything but wild. His gentle nature made him beloved by his parents, siblings, and extended family.

When Jeremy started school, the teasing began. He couldn’t walk down the hall without another student howling, growling, or scowling at him. Jeremy’s gentle nature and wise spirit were somewhat confused and a little disappointed. Even the children who…

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